MONDAY Lentils with ‘chorizo’ 8,50
TUESDAY Spanish stew “en dos vuelcos” (Served the broth on one plate and the ingredients on another) 14,50
WEDNESDAY Baked rice (minimum 2 people) 10,90
THURSDAY Crab stew with fried egg 10,50
Tempura artichokes with romesco sauce 9,75
Chocolate & hazelnut bomb 6,75
Meats, preserves & saltings WHOLE HALF
“Lopez” Anchovy (per unit) Gold Series 2,40  
Double anchovy Gilda 2,45  
Double anchovy fillet in vinegar Gilda 2,45  
Pickled anchovies with crisps 5,45 3,80
Stewed sardines La Brújula 7,50  
Small sardines in AO with Padron pepper, La Curiosa 8,00  
Canned mussels La Brújula 9,00  
Canned mussels La Curiosa 9,00  
Canned mussels Franco 12,90  
Premium cured beef 9,50 6,65
Local cheese board 9,50 6,65
Arturo Sánchez iberian ham with bread and tomato 16,50 11,50
“Lopez” Anchovy can (8 units) Gold Series 22,00  
Bread basket 2,10
Gluten-free bread 2,45
Roasted garlic Allioli sauce & grated tomato 2,25
Tiger mussels 2,55
Cod meatball & roasted garlic Allioli sauce 2,45  
Spain-style stew croquette (unit) 2,50
Submarino (bread stick, ensaladilla rusa & anchovy) 3,65  
Aged-beef filled piquillo peppers in its sauce (unit) 3,70  
Figatell 4,90
Ensaladilla rusa (diced vegetables, boiled egg, tuna & mayo)  6,25 4,40
Bar Cremaet’s spicy potatoes (bravas) 6,15  
Grilled artichoke flower with cecina and egg yolk 6,20
Low temperature cooked rasher (sliced pork belly) 6,50  
Aubergine with soy sauce and honey and feta cheese 7,50  
Titaina (Valencian tomato sauce), poached egg & toasts 7,75  
Tortilla Vaga (one side cooked) of the day 8,25  
Cristal shrimp with fried egg 8,95  
Cuttlefish with mayonnaise 10,50  
Truffled eggs, homemade potato chips, mushrooms and foie shavings 11,25  
La huerta salad Valencian – Tomato, lettuce, cucumber, spring onion, tuna, hard-boiled egg and white asparagus 9,25
Pink tomato, piparra peppers, arugula & smoked sardine salad 10,95
Tomato, cucumber, tender onion & feta cheese salad with Tapenade sauce 10,95
Grill and plates  
Charcoal grilled seasonal vegetables  11,25
Charcoal grilled poussin with fried potatoes 14,50
Charcoal grilled Iberian acorn fed pork with chips 14,95
Sepia enterita (cuttlefish) 16,20
Grilled sea bass with creamy potato and fried piparras 17,95
Charcoal grilled calamari with mojo sauce & onions or andaluza with mayonnaise 18,30
Entrecôte with chips (Aged 35 days) 21,75
Spanish Angus chop (Aged 45 days) 54,50
With a lot of bread  
Shredded beef sandwich with cheese 5,15
‘Pepito’ bread stuffed with titaina (traditional Valencian recipe) 5,25
Pork jowl sandwich with eggplant 5,45
Chivito Panini: pork loin or chicken breast, manchego cheese, egg, tomato & mayo 8,50
Rice (Min 2 people. Price per person) DRY MOIST
Only one type per table. Served only at midday    
Seasonal vegetables Rice 14,75 15,75
Valencian Paella (special order) 15,75 16,75
Senyoret Rice (peeled seafood) 17,75 17,75
Duck, mushrooms & foie gras Rice 19,20 20,20
Crayfish and artichoke rice 19,90  
Aged beef Rice 21,50  
*Only at midday service / A single type of rice per table: dry or sticky / Minimum 2 portions (price per person) / We have all the dry rice dishes in ‘fine fideuá’ (noodles).