Artichokes in tempura with romesco sauce Gluten, peanuts, shell, sulphites
Grilled artichoke flower with cecina and egg yolk Egg
Artichokes with our carbonara sauce Dairy products
Dry rice with crayfish and artichoke (min 2 people) crustaceans, fish, molluscs
Meats, preserves & saltings ALLERGENS
“Lopez” Anchovy (per unit) Gold Series Fish, sulphites
Anchovy, pepper and olive Gilda Fish, sulphites
Pickled anchovies with crisps Fish, sulphites
Crisps & piparra peppers Sulphites
Pickled mussels with crisps Sulphites, molluscs
Dried salted tuna, fried almonds & pickled onions Sulphites, molluscs, nuts
Local cheese board Dairy products
“Lopez” Anchovy can (8 units) Gold Series Fish, sulphites
Bread basket Gluten
Roasted garlic allioli sauce and grated tomato Egg
La huerta salad (tuna, asparragus, corn, boiled egg, tender onions and lettuce) Egg, fish, sulphites
Pink tomato, piparra peppers and smoked sardine salad Fish, sulphites
Tomato, cucumber, tender onion and feta cheese salad with Tapenade sauce Dairy products, sulphites
Charcoal grilled spicy chicken with chips Dairy products
Charcoal grilled monkfish with green sauce Crustaceans, fish, sulphites, molluscs
Gasto: marinated olives & roasted peanuts Peanuts, dairy products, lupins, sulphites
Majorcan sausage, bacon, poached onion, cured cheese & fried egg Gluten, egg
Pork loin, green peppers, fried potato with onion and mayo Gluten, egg
Tuna, piparra peppers and anchovies Gluten, fish
Titaina (Valencian tomato sauce) and fried egg Gluten, egg, fish
Pork with tomato and roasted garlic allioli sauce Gluten, egg, dairy products
Cream cheese, smoked salmon, pico de gallo and arugula Gluten, fish
Spanish tortilla, anchovies and allioli sauce Gluten, egg, fish, dairy products
Beef, ham, fried onion and goat cheese Gluten, egg, fish, milk
Spanish tortilla, sausages and allioli sauce Gluten, egg
Breaded squid and mayo Gluten, molluscs
Horse meat, grilled ham and fried onions Gluten
Horse meat, tender garlic and chips Gluten
Homemade flan & whipped cream Egg, dairy products
Cremaet Tiramisú (rum infused) Gluten, egg, peanuts, dairy products, shell, sulphites
Creamy cheesecake Gluten, egg, dairy products
Cream Mille-feuilles Gluten, egg, dairy products
Chocolate & hazelnut bomb Gluten, egg, peanuts, dairy products, shell, sesame
Braised PJ (flan, pineapple & whipped cream) Egg, dairy products, shell
Squid croquette Gluten, crustaceans, egg, fish, mils, molluscs
Cod meatball and roasted garlic allioli sauce Gluten, egg, fish
Roast chicken croquette Gluten, egg, dairy products, sulphites
Submarino (bread stick, ensaladilla rusa and anchovy) Gluten, egg, fish, shell, sulphites
Ensaladilla rusa (diced vegetables, boiled egg, tuna & mayo) Gluten, egg, fish, shell, sulphites
Las bravas del Bar Mistela Gluten, egg
Low temperature cooked rasher (sliced pork belly) Gluten
Escalivada (barbecued pepper & aubergine), dried poor cod & toasts Gluten, fish
Fried aubergine slices with romescu sauce Gluten
Leeks with bearnesa sauce Egg, sulphites
Titaina (Valencian tomato sauce), poached egg and toasts Gluten, egg, fish
Cuttlefish with mayonnaise Egg, molluscs
Tortilla Vaga (one side cooked) of the day Egg, fish
Cristal shrimp with fried egg Gluten, crustaceans, egg, fish, soya, mustard
Valencian mussels (seasonal) Molluscs
Cuttlefish meatballs Gluten, crustaceans, egg, fish, shell, molluscs
Old-cow Beef filled piquillo peppers in its sauce (3 units) Gluten, egg, sulphites
Marinated dogfish Gluten, fish, sulphites
Garlic shrimp Crustaceans
Piu de Mono (white blood sausage filled calamari) Gluten, crustaceans, egg, fish
With a lot of bread  
Sirloin Mollete (soft bread) with peppers, mustard & fried egg Gluten, egg, mustard
Oxtail Mollete (soft bread) with pickles & arugula Gluten
Sausage Coca (Valencian style bread), blood sausage & beans Gluten, sulphites
Sardine Coca (Valencian style bread) with peppers & onions Gluten, fish
Titaina Coca (Valencian tomato sauce) with quail eggs Gluten, egg, fish, shell
Chivito Panini: pork loin or chicken breast, manchego cheese, egg, tomato & mayo Gluten, egg, dairy products
Brascada Panini: beef, ham & fried onions Gluten
Cachopo Panini (deep fried breaded veal, ham & cheese) with piquillo pepper sauce Gluten, egg, dairy products, sulphites
Senyoret Rice (peeled seafood) Crustaceans, molluscs
Red prawn Rice Crustaceans, fish, molluscs